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If you are reading this in a council office, please take the rest of the day off.

Consultants 'insult' council staff productivity / Britain / Home - Morning Star
The study published on Friday by management consultancy Knox D'Arcy argued that over two-thirds of the working day of junior council staff was "lost."
It claimed that the 68 per cent of working time that was not spent productively was usually as a result of poor supervision.
The research also promoted private businesses by saying they typically had more robust systems that generated more personal accountability for performance.
Improving productivity within local government could "significantly offset" the government's deficit reduction cuts and ensure that the same amount of work could be done with 500,000 fewer staff, the research claimed.
GMB union's national secretary Brian Strutton said: "This is fabricated nonsense and the unfounded attacks on council workers and other public-sector workers should stop.
"It is absolutely ridiculous and very insulting to claim that 500,000 council staff are doing nothing.
He added the constant attacks on public-sector workers were "sickening" for all the hard-working council staff working for local communities on low wages.

Let me agree with the gentleman on my left. These attacks must be stopped. It is far better that council staff do nothing, look out the window or surf internet porn all day. When they go about the council's business they cost, inconvenience, harass and blight the productive and private sectors of the country. Of course it would be better if they joined that sector but idling in the office is the second best option. Please don't encourage them to start doing any work.


When I compare the council juggernauts of the UK with my bustling little township office out here in the Ottawa Valley, I can't help thinking the Mother Country could learn something from our dear Dominion.

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