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Universities Discriminate Against Thickies - Shock Claim By Teachers

University candidates selected on their GCSE results - Telegraph
Pupils who fail to excel at their GCSEs are being discriminated against by universities, leading teachers have claimed.

Maybe, just maybe, Universities are looking for more rounded intelligence than is demonstrated by passing three highly coached for exams. And that is wrong?


Interesting post...

Not to brag but I am one of those guys that 'folks love to hate'. Meaning I never studied for exams at University and to make things so much worse I has a high school drop out (Freshman year),

I'm not all that smart really but I am a serious 'whiz' at exams... Somehow I figured that part out. I suspect I am more of an 'outlier' in the 'data stream' that way.

My only comment to this story is where would have Dr. Einstien stood with the exams the way they are quoted in the story?

BTW... Dr. E and I do have one thing in common (only one I assure you) in that we both suffer from Asperger's syndrom... Go figure

Cheers my friend and have a good day and a better tomorrow!

vince in Maine

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