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RIP Hope

Hope Bourne - Telegraph

Hope Bourne, who died on August 22 aged 91, was an author who celebrated life on Exmoor, where she lived for more than 60 years.
To her, untamed nature was not just something she desired, it was also a means of testing human resilience and ingenuity.
At Ferny Ball she kept bantams. A small but wiry figure, she was often seen in pursuit of wood pigeon, deer, rabbit or hare, wielding her American-made .22 rifle or 12-bore shotgun – "What one didn't get, t'other did," she would say. To feed herself, as well as shooting for the pot, she fished and grew vegetables. She ate 1lb of meat a day (some of which was none too fresh) and drank from a stream...
Throughout her life she earned a small amount of money by helping farming friends, tending their stock and helping out during the lambing season. Her income was usually about £100 a year, of which she saved nearly half, claiming to live on £5 a month, most of which went on cartridges...
Hope Bourne once declared: "I'm bloody-minded. My independence is the most important thing in the world to me: freedom and a vigorous outdoor life."


She sounds a wonderful lady to have known! Rest in Peace, Ma'am.

Quite inspiring in an eccentric English way.

Half of which went on cartridges. She was clearly a much better shot than me.

There's no way Hope could have lived this way nowadays. For a start, Council Tax would make it impossible or else the planning laws about living in a caravan (unless you're a traveller) would mean you simply couldn't live cheaply. I doubt she'd get a gun licence either, especially for a .22 rifle. Thirdly, I doubt she'd be allowed to live without sanitation or a licensed sceptic tank and a source of licensed water on which she would have to pay water rates. The world is geared up to make subsistence living as hard as possible. Even if you own a pig or a sheep it needs to be tagged and declared to DEFRA. Governments don't like people rubbing along without debt or financial commitment. Remember, someone with little to lose is a dangerous foe. The whole point of the EU and its vassal states is to herd people along with a big stick so that they take up mortgages, utilities and taxation so that they then become economically active and can yield a useful source of VAT, private profits through shopping and taxation on all the other costs of modern living. I strongly suspect that if Hope was now living the life she led 30 years ago, she'd be locked up for being insane.

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