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Damson Snow Recipe

Damson Snow Recipe

Today I have mainly been making Damson Snow - an ancient 16th Century recipe we all love

1lb of Damson
Cup of cold water
4 oz of honey or 3 of sugar
1/4 pint of Double cream (I have heard of yoghurt being used instead)
2 large egg whites.

Stew the damsons in the sweetened water (adjust honey/sugar to taste, it wants to be pretty tart.)
Pass through a colander to remove stones and allow to cool.
Whip the cream lightly, mix it in.
Whip the egg whites to soft peaks and then fold in. Don't over mix at this stage, should be like pink and white snow. Put into individual glasses and keep cool.

Looks and tastes fantastic and with the bumper year of damson we are having there is no excuse not to make it.


I'm back from a summer in California on tuesday and i look forward to seeing just how well my Damsons have done...medlar too.

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