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Why the Left are boring by Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker | Buzzwords for blowhards | Comment is free | The Guardian

Conservatives, generally, are far more adept at politically reframing concepts by giving them snappy-but-misleading nicknames than liberals. "Loony left". "Boom-and-bust". "Flip-flop". "Ground Zero mosque". All simplifications or outright lies – but they worked. Like advertisers, the right seems breezily unconcerned about the truth of the slogan, provided it rings up a sale. They slap the words "fun-size" on the packaging and wait for the public to buy it.

The left, meanwhile, tends to respond by flinging back tired old insults. Bastards! Fascists! Racists! .....


Wasn't 'Boom and Bust' a slogan the left used to describe the evil Tories and their 'vagaries of the market'. Indeed, didn't they promise to abolish the phenomenon?

It's true!

The pundits on the political right are just more interesting than the dreary buggers on the left. And that's funny because it's conservatives who were always supposed to be stuffy, dull and hidebound about everything. In fact, the lefties are the tedious ones, their pronouncements characterized by careful PC language and stale old dogma.

Give me a humorous, self-deprecating Mark Steyn over a humorless, self-serious George Monbiot any day!

Sure, there are a few bright lights out there on the left side of the political spectrum - a Camille Paglia or a Christopher Hitchens - but, by and large, the mental stodge is all squarely with the left these days.

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