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Bjørn Again - Or Not


Bjørn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change
Exclusive 'Skeptical Environmentalist' and critic of climate scientists to declare global warming a chief concern facing world

Lomborg denies he has performed a volte face...."If the world is going to spend hundreds of millions to treat climate, where could you get the most bang for your buck?" was the question posed, he added. "This is not about 'we have all got to live with less, wear hair-shirts and cut our carbon emissions'. It's about technologies, about realising there's a vast array of solutions."

Maybe not such the U Turn that the Guardian hopes it is - notice how he defines the question he answers, it presumes that the money is going to be spent, so why not see what the best way of spending it is. And that is carry on innovating.


This thing is really hotting up, isn't it? [The debate]

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