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Let me tell you about Sally Brown....

Sally%20Brown%2020.jpgLabour-founded alcohol body calls for UK-wide price limit - Scotsman.com News
A price limit on the sale of alcohol should be brought in across the UK, a commission set up to find new ways of tackling Scotland's drinking culture said today.
Commission chair, Professor Sally Brown, also argued their approach would mean extra cash raised from any increased drink prices would go to the public purse, not retailers or producers.
Professor Sally Brown is not the obvious person to tackle Scotland’s binge-drinking culture. The 74-year-old retired professor of education and grandmother of seven cheerfully points out that alcohol is not her area of expertise. These days, she considers a small sherry an indulgence. She is, however, the Labour party’s choice to chair its commission on alcohol...She was not given freedom to choose the commission’s members, the litmus test of a truly independent body. “Labour chose the members,” she says.
In fact, half of the commission’s members are Labour politicians

Professor Sally Brown could be described as an ‘academic’s academic’ as she has worked her way up through the ranks, she has chaired every imaginable university committee and she has an outstanding record of publications. However, her contribution to public service goes much further as her work has influenced the work of teachers, young people in general, those with special educational needs and indeed our society as a whole.

She could also described as bloody nuisance playing the politician's dupe about subjects she knows nothing about - but that would be unfair....

Let me tell you about Sally Brown....



Jazz is awesome, all I got to say.

... but she looks awesome in these clothes :).

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