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Only Tories Should Be Allowed To Drink - Research Proves

BBC News - Problem drinking shows up north-south England divisions
There are stark geographical divisions in the toll alcohol takes on health in England, with men in the North West more likely to die prematurely than those in the South East, figures in the Local Alcohol Profiles in England report show.
The number is an extrapolation based on a list of 40 conditions, and includes those known to be directly caused by alcohol, like liver cirrhosis, to those which may be caused by drinking too much - such as high blood pressure or assault.
Although there is no medical confirmation that patients have these conditions through alcohol consumption, the researchers assume on the basis of a previous studies that a certain proportion will have been caused by misuse.

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Well let's go with their assumptions - let us also go with the reasonable assumption that drinkers would be prepared to die up to a year early as a price of their vice.
It is therefore only the darkest of patches that have a problem - they are mainly urban (apart from a patch in Norfolk which is probably just Theo) and non Tory voting.


In fact the correlation between the harm map and the voting map is so strong that in the interest of health it seems that punitive alcohol taxes on socialists and liberals are fully justified.


I wonder if there is much of a correlation with benefits. Drink tastes nicer when you're not the one paying for it.

Well, I guess it depends what they mean by 'early' -- one year early at, say, 85 years is less important than one year early at 35.

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