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The Big Story - Food Shortages

Reuters AlertNet - From Maputo to Mogadishu, rising food prices hit poorest again

Anxieties over the rising cost of food are bothering consumers in rich and poor countries alike, and stoking fears of social unrest in impoverished, unstable parts of the world once again.
On Wednesday, at least six people - including two children - were killed during violent demonstrations over soaring prices for basic necessities, including bread and fuel, in and around the capital of Mozambique
The violence echoes the food price crisis of 2007-2008, which helped push the number of hungry people in the world above a billion, and sparked protests and riots in nearly 40 countries, including Mozambique, Egypt, Haiti and Lebanon.
In Britain too, shoppers will have noticed their supermarket bills going up again. The overall price of food and non-alcoholic drinks rose by 1 percent from June to July, the biggest single monthly rise ever recorded in government figures...

Still looks like a good idea to put food into the tank of your car?


How does one connect to the other... if I grow whatnot on my field, what do you care what I do with it? You'll stop me feeding my chickens or pigs with it? And what is so different about feeding my car?

The price is rising for other reasons... be sure to keep your eyes where the music plays...

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