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Blair Sold Out Millions To Protect His Rich Friends

The real shock for savers in Tony Blair's book – Telegraph Blogs

..what really shocks me about Mr Blair’s autobiography is his account of how millions of ordinary people’s retirement plans were reduced to a mere bargaining chip in what sounds like a game of political strip poker between him and Gordon Brown.
Mr Blair claims Mr Brown said he would expose what became known as the ‘cash for honours’ scandal unless Lord Turner’s proposals were dropped.
Mr Blair’s revelation of what goes on behind closed doors in Downing Street demonstrates why our pensions have been so badly mishandled by several governments. Saving for retirement requires long term planning but, on the evidence of these memoirs, most politicians seem to struggle to think further ahead than the next publicity stunt or botched back-stabbing.

Grubby bottom-feeding venal politicians - not the haloed statesmen they see in the mirror. Already the rose tinted nostalgia is setting in, let us never forget how utterly rotten Blair and Brown were.


Alas, in politics, longternm planning is always based on the date of the next election.

Alas, in politics, longterm planning is always based on the date of the next election.

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