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Bucky Ball Fun and Happy 12th.

Google logo celbrates the 25th anninversary of the Bucky Ball.

Of course it is also the twelfth birthday of Google. Twelve short years ago the company was incorporated on September 4, 1998...Early in 1999, while still graduate students, Brin and Page decided that the search engine they had developed was taking up too much of their time from academic pursuits. They went to Excite CEO George Bell and offered to sell it to him for $1 million. He rejected the offer, and later criticized Vinod Khosla, one of Excite's venture capitalistse after he had negotiated Brin and Page down to $750,000.



Well, those lads over at Google might know what is a bucky ball and they might be jolly clever when it comes to training spiders to look for stuff, but their spelling is shite.


venture capitalistse?

No wonder my idle searches down the less travelled information super byways* never produce much of interest; the buggers can't spell what I'm looking for.

*Sometimes it does one good to take the scenic route)

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