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Just who is Guido Fawkes asks Rod Liddle

Rod Liddle The Sunday Times 5 September 2010

Just who is Guido Fawkes, aka Paul Staines — the semi-literate, extreme-right-wing, public-school-educated, foreign-born former bankrupt and convicted criminal blogger whose ineptly written innuendoes may yet put an end to the career of one of Britain’s better politicians, William Hague?
Well, Mr Staines is Bloggsville incarnate — the very essence of that vast network of talentless and embittered individuals tapping away at their keyboards in the intellectual vacuum of cyberspace, only occasionally leaving their computer screens to heat up a Tesco microwave-ready mini filled garlic and coriander nan bread with Indian dip selection (mango chutney, pickle, cucumber raita ©) before returning to spew out some more unsubstantiated bile.
This is anti-journalism, and nobody takes any notice of it — except, of course, the mainstream media and the government.

Pots and kettles.


Eehhh, he is not exactly Victor Hugo either.

The nan bread sounds nice.

To be honest I could not care less about Hague's personal life. However, when he implements laws that allows plod and everyone to nose at our private lives he can hardly object when he has bit marks on his bum (pun intended).

I don't like Guido either but more power to him and I wish he would have a look at Cameron. In the UK nobody is squeeky clean any more.

Wodney is a plonker.

Liddle is a fake dissident who reverts to type when the status quo is threatened.

Fawkes is putting "real" journalists to shame and they in their cosy little world don't like it.

Damn! There was me thinking the regulations said I had to live on Pot Noodles.

It seems both missed out on being 'School Bully' and are trying to make up for lost opportunity.

By the way Remittance Man - update your friggin' blog , sir ! The boots at bedtime are nice but beginning to need deoderant.

I know Staines quite well. If he is 'privately educated' it was by the benedictine fondler brotherhood, not exactly Eton or Wellington. He is more than semi literate; say 52%. He is certainly not extreme right-wing; I'd have in the centre, but bouncing off the walls to left and right occasionally. Dat'll be de drink, sorr. He may have had a few scrapes in the past but I would judge his morals to be at least the equal of Rod Liddle's, which admittedly would take a nanoscope to compare. They both add to the jollity of life by their relentless cynicism towards politicians. Staines, however, does not have the embarrasing past of having been a transparently partial 'journalist' whilst working for the 'impartial' BBC, which is a blot on Liddle's escutcheon.

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