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Friday Night is Dance Night

Police are investigating a citizen's arrest in New Zealand during which a couple forced two alleged vandals to dance while they waited for officers to arrive.
A New Zealand man and his wife tracked down two men after their garden fence and bins were 'tagged' with graffiti.
They then took the pair back to their home and forced them to perform a dance which they video taped while waiting for police to arrive.
In the video posted on YouTube a woman can be heard saying "you ---- with us, we'll ---- with you twice as hard". The video has since been removed.
The man filming the performance, identified only as Izzy, told New Zealand's Nightline that when the first two police officers arrived at the incident, one took photos and the other had to leave because he was laughing so hard. Four other policemen were then called in to view the spectacle.
It remains unclear how the couple captured the teenagers, named only as Karl, 20, and Shane, 18, although Shane has claimed he was forced from his home at knifepoint.
Karl has since been charged with wilful damage after appearing in court for the vandalism.
Whangarei police are also investigating the couple and their own police officers' conduct.
They recommend that anyone apprehending an alleged criminal contact the police and let them deal with the incident.

The man filming the incident, who has been identified only as Izzy, told 3News.co.nz that when police showed up at the house they burst out laughing.
Four other officers were allegedly called in to watch the performance.

Tears of joy are running down my face, a beer or two is called for.


"Whangarei police are also investigating the couple and their own police officers' conduct."

And there you have the whole problem of today's society, right in a single sentence.

If the police officers' conduct is to be investigated, it should be as to why they did not hold the coats of the homeowners while said homeowners thrashed the yoofs with riding crops for an hour or so.

My investigation of the couple would be: "Why didn't you hand over two bloodied near-corpses, instead of just making fun of them?"

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