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Greenwrecking the Scottish Economy

Climate change law to rip £8bn hole in budgets
SPENDING on schools, hospitals and other key services is set to be hit by the estimated £8 billion cost of Scotland's world-leading climate change laws, the government have admitted....
Officials insisted last night that the country will gain a competitive advantage and extra jobs by being at the forefront of the "low-carbon economy".

So as the hospitals close, the schools go underfunded, the police force shrink who will get the blame?


Just when you think it can't get any more ridiculous........

Who will get the blame?

Mrs. Thatcher, of course!

This is Scotland, you know. Everything is Mrs. Thatcher's fault, even if it happens more than twenty years after she left office.

Why, those insidious Sassenachs of course!

If they hadn't stolen all that North Sea oil, every Scotsman would be a billionaire living in a castle by now!

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