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Eye of Newt, Bowl of Sputum....

Medics claim alternative homeopathic vaccine will put lives at risk - Scotsman.com News

An investigation has now found that some homeopathic practitioners in Scotland are offering the remedies to patients who decide they do not want to use vaccines, such as the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) jab.
...Katie Jarvis, who is based in Inverness, told them that she only offered so-called "homeopathic prophylaxis" to patients who said they were interested in it, and did not tell anyone that they should not use conventional vaccines. When asked about the practice, she told the BBC documentary: "The alternative that I would offer would be a homeopathic remedy made from diseased tissue, that comes from someone with that disease, and then made into potentised form so that is given in a homeopathic remedy. It can be given instead or as well as the vaccination.
What we can use is something called nosodes. These are homeopathic remedies made from tissue that is infected with a particular disease.
"For example, if it was whooping cough then we would use the mucus from the chest of someone with whooping cough to make a remedy to protect against getting whooping cough.....some people and myself are doing are using these nosodes as an alternative to vaccination.

Checks calendar for century, yep, says 21st down here. But luckily I believe the Witchcraft Act is still on the books north of the border...


And our waiting king advocates these people and denigrates people who are sceptical of man made global warming.

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