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A Picture Nails The Argument


The Guardian in praising Nottingham's green transport shows exactly why it is a crap idea - look at that cold wet dark miserable morning and tell me you want to wait at a bus stop to be taken only somewhere close to where you want to go, or that you want to splash through the puddles on your bike with your front wheel slipping into the tram line rather than drive from door to door in warmth and comfort....


A few years ago, squished into a Jubilee Line train, nose in the armpit of a construction worker, during a commute into central London, I had an epiphany of the blindingly obvious kind: people don't take public transport because they want to; they take public transport because they have to.

Sitting comfortably in the back seat of a Rolls Royce Phantom listening to music, reading a paper and just dozing while Jeeves navigated us through the riff-raff, would be just about everyone's default preference for transportation.

That is why public transport will always be a crap idea.

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