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Old Castle Falls To Sceptic Movement

Republican 'climate zombies' could claim the US Senate | Leo Hickman | Environment | guardian.co.uk
You might want to find yourself an indelible marker pen and draw a large black circle around 3 November – it could be the morning the world wakes up to discover that the US Senate is now controlled by climate sceptics.
With the mid-term elections now only a few weeks away, the Wonk Room, a blog run by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has compiled the most definitive list yet of on-the-record comments made by Republican candidates for the US Senate in which they express varying degrees of doubt about the reality of anthropogenic climate change.
The startling conclusion is that "nearly all dispute the scientific consensus that the United States must act to fight global warming pollution". In fact, the Wonk Room could find only one – Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware – who supports any action at all on climate change.

Make that none now....

Christine O'Donnell brings unlikely Tea Party triumph to Delaware | World news | guardian.co.uk
The surge of anger among US conservatives both with Barack Obama and the Republican party reached a new high point early today when the Tea Party candidate, Christine O'Donnell, ousted the Republican establishment favourite, Mike Castle, in Delaware.

(The Guardian and BBC are convinced that Ms O'Donnell is unelectable because she is so "right-wing" - she even shockingly believes masturbation is a sin! I seem to remember Jimmy Carter also saying something similar. If you believe your Bible that is what it says, and shockingly a lot of Americans do, much to the Guardian and BBC's incomprehension.)


Well it's only natural for the Beeb/Guardianista axis to be confused by the masturbation=sin argument - any disciple of Onan would be equally confounded.

Poor old Onan has suffered years of bad press.

What he actually did was to 'spill his seed upon the ground', but as a result of employing the withdrawal method of contraception rather than bashing the bishop.

Onan was punished for failing in his religious duty to impregnate his late brother's childless widow. He seems to have enjoyed the obligation a bit too much and tried to make sure it took as many, er, goes as possible by removing his old chap at the crucial moment, so instead of depositing his seed where it might do the necessary it went all over the duvet. His story was the best one puritanical Victorian moralists could find as Biblical authority against do it yourself, and if that meant deliberate misrepresentation, they didn't care.

I believe Dorothy Parker called her parrot Onan because he, too, spilled his seed upon the ground.

Thanks for the theological correction, I always appreciate leaving a blog better informed than when I arrived, but I was really just trying to use a relatively polite way of calling the Guardianistas a bunch of self-abusers and that was the best I could think of :-)

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