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Nef Knows Best

Cambridge beats Exeter for title as UK's ultimate 'clone town' - This Britain, UK - The Independent

Cambridge, university city of ancient colleges, spires and towers, of hidden gardens and river vistas, is betrayed by its high street shops, a new report claims.
Their lack of variety, and their domination by big chains, make Cambridge Britain's top "clone town", says the New Economics Foundation.
Five years ago the foundation came up with the concept of clone towns – urban areas which had lost their identity as global and national chain stores drove out local businesses.
A spokesman for Nef, Paul Hurst, said: "This is a warning that local diversity needs to be actively maintained and supported and won't necessarily survive on its own."

I'm sure Nef have wonderful plans for mandating what shops selling what goods are allowed to open where. The public is so stupid they don't know what they want and they must be told!


Nef... more correctly, nef (see what I did there?) ... is that still the front organisation of the highly qualified environmental expert Andrew Simms, who has for a couple of years now been treating Guardian readers to a series of jeremiads predicated on the notion that the End of the World is booked for January 2017, and that it would be fun to count down to this exciting event a month at a time?

The source of the date? Why, nef's own 'research', of course. Both pages of it.

And he gets to sell basically the same article to the Guardian every month for maybe 7 years (I know 100 months is more than that but when we get close enough to the predicted apocalypse to see it isn't going to happen, he'll mysteriously disappear).

The man is a genius, I tell you.

That is also Andrew Simms trustee of TERI-Europe, the European arm of Dr. Pachauri's The Energy Research Institute (formerly Tata Energy Research Institute) organisation.

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