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Some Climate Realism from The Castle

Delaware's Republican candidate counts political cost of climate support | Suzanne Goldenberg | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The losing climate realist, Mike Castle.... Castle supports US participation in international agreements and a cap and trade programme based on the best available science.....it is also a resounding message to any Republican in Congress - or Democrat from a conservative or oil and coal state - of the political costs of being seen to accept the science of global warming....

"Cap and trade based on the best available science" - Noooooo!
Leave aside whether the best available science shows globalwarmageddon or not; let us assume it does. It still does not say cap and trade is the answer. That is a political economic policy based on a scenario. There are other possible policies. The choice between policies is a political choice and is not science based.
(I'm taking it as read that no one believes that political economics is an actual science.)


"(I'm taking it as read that no one believes that political economics is an actual science.)"

Just so, although University Challenge last Friday included one joker who'd blagged his way into a PhD in 'Poetry and Climate Change'.

Didn't know who to shoot, me or him.

Mr. Castle's (and the GOP's) antics prove that it was right to turf Castle out, and if the GOP isn't careful, the Republican Party could end up looking very differently soon.

@Mac the Knife: if you have some boredom to kill... a PhD is usually publicly available if you want to take a look at his stellar efforts (and that of his supervisors)...

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