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Elfen Safety Under Attack

At last, an end to this health and safety madness - Telegraph

The vast increase in the number of regulations over the past two decades, and in the number of officials paid to enforce them, has had enormously damaging effects. Much of the cost has been economic, with the additional burden imposed on companies by over-zealous officials being enough to put some of them out of business. But it has also been cultural, creating an unhealthy climate of fear – of the health and safety bureaucracy, of specious lawsuits, and of risk itself.

Lord Young's report is laudable, and he has a reputation as a doer but the dead hand of the petty tyrant has become so used to using the H&S excuse it will take, I fear, more than recommendations to lift it.


it will take, I fear, more than recommendations

*Assume enthusiastic+ Igor voice*

"Thall I break out the flamethrowerth, marthter?"

+Now there's a word just born to used by an Igor:-)

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