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Polar Bears in Cornwall

ITV embarrassed by report of polar bear washed up on beach - Telegraph
The presenter of ITV's West Country breakfast bulletin informed astonished viewers that an animal more commonly spotted near the North Pole had turned up in the seaside town of Bude. Video footage showed a large, white beast lying on the shore.
"A walker in Cornwall has caught an extraordinary sight on camera. A polar bear has washed up on a beach near Bude," an excited Miss Lloyd said. "The bear comes from the Arctic Circle and an investigation is under way as to how it could have ended up there."

(Closer examination revealed it to be a dead cow rather than either a globally warmed Polar Bear or the bleached bloated corpse of Al Gore as I rather hoped.)


With only the published photo, I too would have thought it a polar bear in an unusual/improbable place - but before publishing the story I would have at least made an attempt at contacting some type of authority or expert, if only a local vet.

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