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Stuffed Sturgeon on Ice

SNP's minimum drinks pricing is dead in the water - Scotsman.com News

Members of Holyrood's health committee blocked the flagship SNP policy, when MSPs approved a Conservative amendment to remove the minimum price of 45p per unit from the Alcohol Bill.
The defeat came after the policy was voted down at an earlier parliamentary stage by MSPs.
A defiant Ms Sturgeon vowed to bring minimum pricing back to the full parliament at the third and final stage of consideration of the bill, despite the two defeats.

DO NOT FOLLOW THE LINK - sorry it has a picture of Ms Sturgeon looking particularly gloomy and Scottish (apologies for the tautology) and if you don't need a quick restorative after viewing that then you have a stronger constitution than me.

Though I note that Labour has called for a limit on the amount of caffeine in alcoholic drinks, which would mean no more splash of the cooking stuff in the morning coffee or a steaming mug of Kye to revive after a morning on watch....


I wonder what they'd make of my trusty morning after remedy? Three asprins washed down with an Admiral Morgan and Red Bull.

It doesn't really matter much what the wee pretendy parliament tries to decide.

Minimum pricing is illegal under EU law.

These idiots don't seem to have noticed that Brussels is the real government.

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