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Ernst Georg Beck - RIP

I was pleased to publicise his work and am sorry to hear of his passing.
He was a pleasure to work with.

" Ernst Beck was a biology teacher at the Merian technical grammar school in Freiburg and co-founder of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). He was a teacher of the old school, whom nobody could lead up the garden path. If a statement of politicians did not fit into its solid scientific conception of the world, he examined it by intensive study of international technical literature and, if possible, by own experiments. His website www.biokurs.de is still a treasure trove for everybody, who prepares for examines or finding answers to current scientific questions. "

When he published a finding that CO2 levels varied with the phase of the moon I thought it was so bizarre it threatened his credibility. Especially as he did not postulate any mechanism for this correlation.
But he believed in publishing data and then discovering causes, rather than the other way round.

This lunatic idea made me sceptical of his research and lead, I believe, to me being the first to point out a probable cause.

CO2 solubility is temperature dependent and the earth is slightly warmer at full moon - moonlight can warm the Earth slightly more at full moon, although only at night, of course. But the position of the Earth and Moon in the solar system is more important. At full moon, the Earth moves slightly closer to the Sun than at new moon, receiving a touch more solar radiation during the day and raising maximum temperatures.
This temperature rise is well documented, as is the solubility factors of CO2, connecting it all through was what was missing.

He was right on this, how much of the rest of his research will be proven to be right as well time will tell.
His truth seeking will be missed as will his presence.


I never got to meet Ernst but I was privileged to have had a few email exchanges with him. From the little I knew of him, I can say he was astute and dedicated to honest observational science. His work will stand as testament to this.

His main CO2 website in English is here:

"This lunatic idea..."


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