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Was uns nicht umbringt, macht uns stärker.

Full, filthy extent of Delhi disgrace exposed - Scotsman.com News
COVERED in filth and debris, with some areas cordoned off with tape...

Just like the London Marathon route after the runners have passed, defecating in the gutters. I don't know what they are complaining about or are they just a bunch of overpaid delicate flowers?


A famous member of the royal family once observed at an installation that, "it looks like it's been built by an Indian..." The man obviously had great powers of observation and shouldn't have been mocked at the time!

The Games debacle should be a useful reality check for India.

We are daily bombarded with the shiny success stories of a burgeoning new power in Asia. Like China though, much of that success is based on little more than high-tech versions of Potemkin villages.

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