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Council Modalities - Looking After Your Money

African fraud gang: Could you please send us £102,000? Council: Why, of course we can
AN African fraud gang has succeeded in conning a cash-strapped Scottish council out of £102,000.
Strathclyde Police is investigating the con after South Lanarkshire Council admitted an accounts worker had been taken in by the sting.
South Lanarkshire is not the first local authority in the UK to be targeted in this manner. Police say a number of councils have been taken in by a similar fraud and forces across the country are working together to try and trace the gang.

I think I know how to get my council tax rebate now -

Dear Sirs, Excuse me writiug out of the unknown, but I have ben given you name as a reliable and trustworthy Council Officer who can help me get £24 million pounds that my lat father left in a suitcase out of Wiltshire....


I think this illustrates rather nicely the standard of our average public sector worker!

This isn't just an indictment of the standard of the average council worker, individual idiots exist all over the place. Even the private sector has them*. What scares me is that Joe Jobsworth's request for a large cheque payable to Mr Bongo Umbongo of Lagos appears to have sailed through the entire system without question.

Either Britain's local councils are fully staffed by morons, or NuLabour's immigration policy has worked so well, the Nigerians have taken over completely.

All I can hope is that an equivalent sum is removed from the foreign aid budget. I mean, it's ending up in the same pockets after all.

*Fortunately Darwinian selection soon removes them from the productive part of the economy, but they do still exist.

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