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Global Warming And Market Incentives Save Elephants

Russia digs up woolly mammoth remains for guilt-free ivory
It is exporting 60 tons of mammoth ivory to China, the world's biggest ivory market, per year, and scientists estimate there is plenty more where that came from.
In fact, they believe there may be as many as 150 million dead mammoths frozen beneath the Siberian tundra just waiting to be dug up....
as the permafrost beneath the Siberian tundra melts due to global warming their sometimes well-preserved remains are surfacing with growing frequency.
It is a phenomenon that has Russia's businessmen rubbing their hands together as mammoth ivory can command a much higher price than elephant ivory and sells for as much as £330 per kilogram.
Elephant conservationists are hoping that the guilt-free mammoth ivory trade continues to flourish and eventually squeezes out the illegal trade in elephant tusks altogether.
"The large quantities of mammoth tusks imported into Hong Kong, which are mostly sent to the Chinese mainland for carving, probably reduce demand for elephant ivory from Africa," the report, in a specialist journal called Pachyderm, concluded.
"This may in the long run lower elephant ivory prices and reduce incentives to poach elephants."

Would Moonbat file this under good or bad news?


Okay, so it's good to use the ivory from mammoths. Fine. So why is it bad to use ivory from elephants culled legitimately to maintain population balances and so on?

The arguments used above about reducing the incentive to poach and so on are exactly the same and the nellies concerned are just as doomed as their woolie forebears.

I don't get why it's described as 'sustainable'. Granted a potential of 150 million, although that does seem unlikely, is a lot of units but they ain't making any more mammoths so it's no more 'sustainable' than burning fossil fuels.

Its handbags are well-reviewed by Hollywood stars and other celebrities all the times.

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