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Red Ed - Who's the Daddy?

Welfare Reform Act 2009

The Registrar General may by regulations authorise or require the information relating to the father to be provided in a prescribed form or manner.

(3)Subsection (1) does not require the mother to provide information relating to the father if she makes in the presence of the registrar a declaration in the prescribed form stating that one or more of the following conditions is met.

(4)Those conditions are—

(a)that by virtue of section 41 of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 the child has no father,

(b)that the father has died,

(c)that the mother does not know the father's identity,

(d)that the mother does not know the father's whereabouts,

(e)that the father lacks capacity (within the meaning of the Mental Capacity Act 2005) in relation to decisions under this Part,

(f)that the mother has reason to fear for her safety or that of the child if the father is contacted in relation to the registration of the birth, and

(g)any other conditions prescribed by regulations made by the Minister.

Ed helped the law to pass - so why isn't he named as the daddy of his partner's child. Not getting round to it or a lack of commitment aren't acceptable excuses in the eyes of the law he foisted on us. So perm any of the above excuses to your hearts content....


IVF from a donor ?

Think of it this way: Burdening the poor mite with the unavoidable truth he was sired by a Miliband must be tantamount to child abuse. This way, he still has the chance to avoid the opprobrium such information can bring. For example he can claim mummy was having it off with the milkman at the time of his conception and thus his DNA is unsullied by Milipede genes.

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