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Extraordinary Crimes

Police pledge swifter response to racism and homophobia than 'ordinary' crime - Scotsman.com News
Police will stress to officers that victims from minorities suffer more when a crime is motivated by prejudice than a member of the general public would from the same offence.

But do they?

The psychological suffering from a crime is often compounded by the inability to understand why one is a victim.
The fear of random violence, or what ever, and the inability to reason why the criminal did what they did prey far more on the mind I believe.
If the scumbag is a paki-basher the poor bloody victim knows they did nothing wrong and has some explanation of the crime and insight into the mind behind it that makes it easier to deal with. An unexplained kicking or turd through the letter box leaves the victim wondering why and when it will happen next without a clue as how to avoid it.

Simply treat all crimes the same.


There is an easy fix to this madness.

Just claim you're a gay victim and too afraid come out of the closet (sue them if they out you!)

And make sure that they understand that you think the crime happened because you're gay and if they refuse or fail to solve, then complain about them being homophobic and report them to the EHRC.

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