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Drug Deaths Prevented by FDA

Executions postponed due to shortage of lethal injection drug - Scotsman.com News

Some executions in the United States have been put on hold because of a shortage of one of the drugs used in lethal injections.
Several of the 35 states that rely on lethal injection are struggling to secure supplies of sodium thiopental - an anaesthetic that renders the condemned inmate unconscious - or considering using another drug.
As for the possibility of obtaining the drug elsewhere, the Food & Drug Administration said there are no FDA-approved manufacturers of sodium thiopental overseas.

I gather the drug is being used for an "off-label" use anyway - the manufacturers are a bit sniffy - "Hospira provides these products because they improve or save lives and markets them solely for use as indicated on the product labelling." So why do they need FDA approval, what's the worse side effect that could happen, a rash?


The situation is even more stupid in my state. California was about to reinstate executions this week, but the only supply of sodium thiopental in San Quentin's death row is about to "expire". I'm not sure what's the danger of using a lethal drug beyond its "sell-by date"... Does it kill you not as hard?

That is 150 percent pure bollocks. Pentothal is what vets use to put pets to sleep. There's a swimming pool's worth within a half-mile radius of any given point in a metropolitan area. Classic governmental bullshit. Are we seriously meant to believe that there is a nationwide shortage of a drug that is widely used to induce anaesthesia prior to sticking the gas mask on people's faces? That's just stupendously ridiculous.

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