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In Praise of Electricity Monitors

Owl Wireless Electricity Monitor
Asda were flogging these off cheap at £10, a great buy.
I watch with glee the cost of my juice now. It's peanuts. I no longer have to feel guilty about turning things off.
13p an hour it is reading at the moment and Mme Elle Gee is scrubbing my smalls, Herr Bosch is ensuring the cutlery is shining ready for the next feast of unseasonal food that is being kept safe in a permafrost. Tonight the wine will be chilled and the table lit better than any was at Versailles in its heyday.
Two computers provide access to educational, and other, delights beyond the dreams of any Victorian bibliophile. And the television, wireless and music boxes outshine any collection of opera houses, vaudeville stages and sweaty cellars.
We live better than royalty ever did, all for pence a day.

Of course the accumulating total also reminds me that my local council demands about the same amount per hour from me to provide its services, which someone will need to prompt on as to why they are such good value.

And if that is not depressing enough the national debt interest payment for the household runs at about three time the rate....


Just listened to Cameron's speech at the party conference. No mention of climate change. What gives?

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