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If it gets colder we are suffering Global Warming

Sun's role in warming the planet may be overestimated, study finds | Science | guardian.co.uk

Researchers have found that the waxing and waning of the sun affects our planet's temperature in exactly the opposite way scientists had thought.
The research is based on the first ever measurements of solar radiation across the entire spectrum from X-rays to infrared light which showed that the mix of different wavelengths of light – for example infra-red, ultraviolet – was very different to what had been expected. While they only had three years of satellite data so far, Haigh said the discovery could have far-reaching consequences. "If further studies find the same pattern over a longer period of time, [then] we may have overestimated the sun's role in warming the planet,"
"It does not give comfort to climate sceptics at all." If the sun warmed the Earth less when it was at the solar maximum, then the reverse was also true, she said: "You can't have it one way and not the other...So we would have the ultimate paradox that in a globally warming world, we would have colder winters here in Europe - while it would be an awful lot warmer in Greenland."
Haigh said that future measurements would enable scientists to determine if the reversal of the link between solar intensity and warming on the Earth seen between 2004 and 2007 is normal solar behaviour, or an anomaly. "I think it is a case of watch this space," she said.

Three years of data! Seems they can't lose with those predictions, but at least the science is settled.


Grasping at straws now, why not say the best way to stop global warming it to sacrifice children atop a giant pyramid? That can solve the ultimate paradox, 10:10 style...

As was said by a far better scientist that I will ever be, that's not even wrong.

So, if the sun gets hotter (puts out more radiation) the earth will get cooler. That's a clear contradiction of the laws of thermodynamics, but as you said the science is settled...

Given that the thermal capacity of the oceans presents a low-pass filter on our planet's ecosphere thermal input/output balance, with a mean in the impulse response of (IMHO) of around 70 years, and we have only been observing solar output independently of the ecosphere for some 32 years (ie by satellite), and our computer models of what is going on are somewhere between junk and inadequately calibrated, how can we (even with good science) possibly know this?

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Anything at all that happens, for any reason or none, will be taken as confirming their absurd theories.

It really is hardly worth the effort of engaging with these people.

I would say let's just wait for the whole thing to collapse, but unfortunately the idiots have captured the asylum. Latest sacrilegious plan - gigantic pointless whirligigs in The Sound of Jura, no less - one of the most stunningly beautiful and peaceful places left in the UK.

There really is no end to this madness, it seems.

If the sun warmed the Earth less when it was at the solar maximum, then the reverse was also true, she said...

So if emissions from the Sun were blocked, Earth would melt!

OK, she meant UV rather than visible light, but even so...

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