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Climate Chaos - What's It All About?

Climate manifesto demands 50mph limit on rural roads - Scotsman.com News
Stop Climate Chaos Scotland - the coalition of more than 40 organisations including RSPB Scotland and WWF - has published a manifesto calling for all political parties to commit to a range of measures ahead of the Holyrood election.
SCCS's manifesto includes ruling out future use of carbon credits to meet emission reduction targets, cutting the national speed limit on country roads to 50mph, and investing between £60 million and £120m to restore peatlands in Scotland.
"We know many of the measures will help create a healthier, more equal society. There are also real economic benefits. The range and diversity of the asks in our manifesto make plain the rewards."

The Government should, as a minimum, cut the national speed limit on single carriageways to 50mph and ensure better enforcement of speed limits on all roads through the use of average speed cameras.

Funny how it is now all about building a healthier, more equal society rather than worrying about the weather....


"investing [sic] between £60 million and £120m to restore peatlands"

You can't "restore" peatlands; they are either there or they are not.

What this means is "siphoning yet more taxpayers money to my supporters and groupies"; it probably also means that the writer has a number of friends on the Crofting Commission.

Notice that the front organisation for this nonsense is a combination of "more than forty" fake charities headed by the RSPB and including - naturally - the tranzi WWF.

When are we going to get these parasites off our backs?

Come on George, quite a lot more to cut yet! More please, and faster.

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