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I hope Boris is ordering some extra condoms.

Huge Commonwealth Games cock-up leads to condoms blocking drains | Sport | The Guardian
Delhi event's organisers 'working around the clock' to remove thousands of condoms obstructing plumbing at athletes' village
"If they are so active then that's very good," a spokesperson for the organisers said. "We are promoting safe sex."
One official told the local Mail Today newspaper, which broke the story, that more than 4,000 condoms had already been taken from free vending machines since athletes started arriving 10 days ago.
Distributing thousands of free condoms to athletes has been a tradition since the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. At the Sydney Olympics in 2000 athletes quickly used up the 70,000 free condomsprophylactics, forcing organisers to supply another 20,000, while in Athens four years later the provision was doubled to 130,000. At both the Beijing Games in 2008 and the Vancouver winter Olympics in February 100,000 condoms were provided.

The good news is, I suppose, at least that the drug fuelled mutants aren't breeding..


Mmmmmmmmmm? But are the true guilty parties the athletes or the amries of "administrators" who seem to make up the bulk of a team's head count nowadays?

In which case wouldn't you rather the "drug-fuelled mutants" were the ones breeding. At least they start out as reasonable examples of the human physique. You can't even say that of your average "administrator".

Will horniness ever cease? One does get the urge even at my age. :-)

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