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Postman Pat to Deliver the Goods for Red Ed

Miliband wrongfoots speculation by giving chancellor's job to Alan Johnson, expected to go to Cooper or Balls

Clever move, apart from keeping the poisonous pair away from the levers of power a bluff man-of-the-people will play well on the TV against Georgie and his whiney demands for prudence. "Forget the technicalities this posh banker is spouting - this is what it means on the streets today" sort of guff. I hate to say it but the Tories will need to wheel out Ken Clarke against him to neutralise this presentational problem.

On another note it is nice to see an old squeeze of mine being promoted to the shadow cabinet - what a lucky escape I had...


You and Alan?....how liberal of you.

Could've been worse:

How BBC's credit crunch ice queen Stephanie Flanders fell Ed over heels...with Balls AND Miliband

"The Mail on Sunday can reveal that figures are not the only area of interest for the Corporation’s economics editor Stephanie Flanders – she also has impeccable political contacts.

For not only has the Oxford-educated journalist dated the new Labour leader Ed Miliband, but also the Shadow Home Secretary Ed Balls."


The Tories can wheel out the dead for all I care; they are not Conservatives, patriots nor intelligent. They are the undertakers of the UK though.

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