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10:10 Franny wants your photos

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This Sunday – 10/10/10 – I hope you'll consider a Sunday lunch with a twist. Tomorrow is the 10:10 campaign's global day of doing, designed to get us thinking about how we might cut our carbon footprint by 10% over the next year. The campaign, started by Franny Armstrong, director of The Age Of Stupid, is now a worldwide movement.
10:10 wants as many people as possible to send in pictures of their low-carbon Sunday lunch tomorrow – email photos@1010global.org.

I'll see if the dog brings up something low carbon to photograph.

Update - From the comment below:



I sent them one!
'Hello 10:10,

After watching your funny video we thought it would be a good idea to roast a sceptic for our lunch. It took a lot of energy to do it but, hey, his total carbon footprint would have far outweighed the gas we used in the oven. Many of us thought it was very funny! :) You should try this yourselves - no pressure though. On the button don't you think?.

Yours ecologically,

Dave and Vlad'

pic is here:

Of course I attached the pic to the email - just couldn't find a way to do it here, hence the link.

Franny Armstrong: "Age of Stupid" indeed.

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