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Buy it cheap and pile it high

Review uncovers 'staggering' waste - Yorkshire Post

A review of Government efficiency by a leading businessman has uncovered a "staggering" waste of money, it has been revealed.
Sir Philip Green, the owner of Topshop and Bhs, will tell ministers they can cut swathes of waste from public services.
His report, to be published later today, will say that the Government has consistently failed to make the most of its scale, buying power and credit rating.
Sir Philip was appointed by the Prime Minister in August to review Government efficiency, focusing on the procurement of goods and services such as IT, travel, print and office supplies, and the management of the Government's property portfolio.

These are the hidden cuts that business apply all the time and the civil service needs to. Give the staff a good lashing and hide some bad news elsewhere.


Surely the staggering waste of money was the review itself. "Government Efficiency" does not exist, so we paid how much money for this study?

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