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Yardarm to the ready

Royal Navy destroys Somalian pirate boat - Telegraph
The suspects were taken into custody and their boats blown up.

More like it - thought I fear the pirates will be quietly let go. Some might feel it a pity they were taken off the boats.


I'm guessing the Navy badly needs some good publicity to fight off the threatened "cuts" - and standing by while pirates go about their business would earn only contempt from the folks at home.

Better still if next time they just blast them out of the water, pirates and all.

Unfortunately they will just end up claiming asylum and then living the rest of their lives sponging off the law abiding of this country. I wouldn't mind if the Navy simply removed all their piratical tools and let them go. By piratical tools I mean stuff like weapons, communications gear, fuel, charts, compass, engine and sails (not an exhaustive list). Maybe the food and water as well.

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