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Cats Action Trust N&W Wiltshire - Condescending Cunts

No cat for you: you're disabled - Live your potential

I get a phone call from the administrator.

"I've got some bad news. The fosterers of the two cats have been talking and they have decided you cannot have a cat. You won't be able to change its litter tray".

I'm shocked. "None of you have ever met me. How do you know what I can or cannot do?"

"I'm sorry. Life must be hard with your condition and I don't want to make it any worse. Do you have a carer?"

I'm getting angry now. "Not that it's any of your business, but no, I don't have a carer. I live alone and independently"

"Well, you won't be able to catch the cat if it escapes. You might run over it with your wheels. And you didn't tell me that you were a wheelchair user when we first spoke. You should have told me"


I find this kind of foolishness in so many animal welfare organizations. I can't imagine what they must be thinking. As we see from the link, if a man wants a cat, he is going to get a cat. They could have sent one of their animals to a nice home, but passed up a good opportunity. At least some other cat benefits from this stupidity. Glad to see he's a black cat, as I understand they are particularly hard to adopt out.

Good grief. You need permission to have a cat, now?

What madness is this?


I responded to a TV commercial made by a Church Group - Anglicare- regarding homeless people needing shelter. I phoned them and offered my spare room.

The telephone discussion went well and they were very thankfull for a response until they asked if I smoked. I told them I smoked a pipe. That put the mockers on it. I was an awful person and they could not expose their homeless clients to a smoker of a pipe. Rain, snow, yes, but a pipe, oh no!

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