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Boys will be statemented

BBC News - Special needs more likely for boys, study finds
More than 41,000 primary school boys (2%) have a statement of needs and 489,250 (23.4%) have unstatemented needs.

Translation: Hundreds of thousands of primary school boys are boys and drive their female teachers mad. Why, oh why, can't they stop running around waving sticks and shouting and settle down in the tranquillity corner and read books!
Oh, and give us more cash.


What's a little worrying is that no-one has apparently considered that if the definition of "special" included 1 in 4 people then the definition is probably wrong.


Down at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario a few years ago, I watched an expensive Volvo SUV pull up. Out stepped a smart, metrosexual Toronto couple with their Gap-clad little ones.

One of the kids - a boy of about six I'd guess - saw a stick on the pavement and, in the merest blink of an eye, was brandishing it about with all the relish and gusto of a cut-throat pirate.

Mum and Dad were shocked and horrified by the wee fellow's aggressive behaviour; much flapping and whining ensued as they wrestled that stick from his grasp.

Boys will be boys regardless of how nancy you try to mold 'em! Heh heh.

Unstatemented? What new speak is this?

Rob, a "statement" is edu-jargon for a piece of paper that provides more funding for the school so that they can take "special measures" to help with the nasty rowdy boys that Mrs. Teacher can't cope with.

As ever, if you subsidise something you get more of it.

"Unstatemented" is just a way of saying that every single boy must have SOMETHING wrong with them (they're male, so there is something wrong by definition), but Mrs. Teacher hasn't worked out quite which boxes to tick yet.

Study showing that 500K schoolgirls need special care so as to become more forthcoming (ie aggressive) in 5...4...3...

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