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Climate Squawks

Global warming: 'Climate hawks' win the name game - Telegraph

What's in a name-call? In the great global warming slanging match, those accepting man-made climate change probably win on politeness, usually calling their opponents "sceptics", though sometimes "deniers". Sceptics, on the other hand, retort with "warmists", when they're feeling generous, "eco-Nazis" when they're not.
But now Grist, an American green web magazine, has been trying to find its own name for what it calls People who Care about Climate Change and Clean Energy (or PCCCCEs).
You'd have thought that they'd be better off without a special name: after all, they are in the majority. But Grist picked "climate hawks", though it did somewhat spoil things by initially running a picture of a vulture.


OFF TOPIC - but probably important

Over two hundred years of climate information and studies may be broken up - or lost.


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