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The Other White Meat


Tough old bird like that would need some marinading, one for the stew pot rather than a roast I think.


A more attractive sight than some cows I think!
Reminds me of the Missionary in Africa who met a rather large, almost 8 feet tall, tribesman and asked him how he got so large.
"I eat Beans"
"What runner beans, baked beans that sort of thing?" asked the rather innocent missionary.
"No Human Beans" replied the tribesman.
(There is no truth in the rumour that Idi Amin bought all the tapes of "Pot Black" thinking it was a cookery programme)

I'll get my coat...


An amusement really, that a woman who has made her career on the premise that she has some very different parts to everyone else, insisting that everyone's got the same parts.

You gotta love Pam !!

Will need a good pounding to tenderise!

I do love Pam, I wouldnt mind chewing on a bit of old meat like that.

I do love Pam, I wouldnt mind chewing on a bit of old meat like that.

At least with beef there's no risk of silicone poisoning...

I don't believe in silicon poisoning so I bravely volunteer for a extended study to see how long it takes to suck in enough poison to kill me.

Meh. As an old mucker of mine used to say: there are two things in life that taste like anchovies. One of 'em is anchovies…

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