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Bio-diversity, now there's an idea worth money

Are accountants the last hope for the world's ecosystems? | Jonathan Watts | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Tools and techniques are (being) developed to assess "environmental services" such as carbon sequestration, water cycle regulation and – to a less clear extent – climate maintenance and habitat provision.
In Nagoya, there has been a concerted attempt to promote, extend and improve environmental economics and to draw more financiers and business executives into biodiversity valuation and protection.

I seem to recall that zillions of pounds are being traded against puffs of greenhouse gases, what's not to like about another great trading market in bio-diversity. Trebles all round.


"Tools and techniques are (being) developed"

Have been. This project has been on the go for more than a decade and remained very low key until now. DEFRA and other Government bodies along with some heavy hitting and well funded institutions have been funding it and assisting it. It is the next Emperor's New Clothes for the media gaggle and politicians who have forgotten who they represent to gush about.

*They* are putting a price on things *they* don't own or produce and promising a slice of the revenue to charities and conservation groups. This is part of the global redistribution of wealth that the UN has convinced world leaders is necessary to combant man made global climate warming change biodiversity disruption loss.

These scum are con-men parasites, selling bridges in New York to peasants in the Sahara - things they don't own. The World Wildlife Fund is a xcover for this bogus three-card-monty shell game.

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