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Even The Guardian Takes to PJ

PJ O'Rourke – the rightwinger it's OK for lefties to like | The Guardian
O'Rourke has caught the mood of much of the nation perfectly.
O'Rourke's thesis is simple: politics and nearly all politicians suck. The solution is to have less of both of them and the only people lobbying for that are rightwing, libertarian-leaning conservatives like him. They want the government to do less, spend less, take less and essentially leave people and corporations alone. If they did so, O'Rourke believes, it would make people generally and Americans in particular happier, wealthier and free from the harmful attentions of such interfering do-gooding elitists as, for example, Barack Obama.



I've been telling people for several years that the way to stop politicians putting their grubby hands in the cookie jar is not to add oversight committees, ethics commissioners or auditors general. The way to stop it is to take away the cookie jar.

Re cookie jar
Chopping their hands off is more effective and long-lasting.


Nah, that's just a way of catering to our need for instant gratification. Robert is right, the best way to stop thievery by politicians is to deny them the very stuff they thieve.

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