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A Close Call

A young friend was out rabbit shooting last night and called in to offer me a bunny.
I offered to clean his shotgun as he hadn't noticed he had plugged a barrel with mud.


I think the other barrel had been inadvertently cleaned by firing through it.
A stiff paternal word of advice was offered to a lucky young man.


O/U for game? and firing top barrel first? Simply not the done thing, old chap...
But seriously...could have been quite an alarming second shot. I remember being shouted at by and old farmer..."Its not a walking stick, lad!"

I was on a fire and manoeuvre exercise with blanks when I noticed one of my young charges had stuffed the muzzle of his rifle with mud. A quick belt round the ear, two minutes' work with a pull-through and a bit of 2x4 and no harm done, but that's the sort of stupid crap that gets people blinded or worse.

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