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365 Lessons on Global Warming at School

The family in "365 Penguins" find a penguin mysteriously delivered to their door for every day of the year. At first they're cute, but with every passing day, the penguins pile up - along with the family's problems. Feeding, cleaning and housing the penguins becomes a monumental task. They're noisy, smelly and they always hog the bathroom! And who on earth is sending these squawking birds, and why?


It's this week's homework, dare I correct it?


As the Jesuits said, "give me a child up to age eight..."

I would complain to your LEA that this is political material which is therefore not allowed in schools unless balance is achieved by giving equal curriculum space to opposing opinions.

You won't get anywhere, but they'll have to spend a lot of time following whatever fatuous complaints "process" their Management Consultants have dreamed up; at least, during that time, they won't be doing anything positively harmful - like this homework.

Just another piece of indoctrination. I observed a Science lesson recently and the exam paper looked like a greenies wet dream - Nuclear power= bad and polluting, lots of propaganda about global warming etc.
Still how to hunt Penguins? (No not Burgess Meredith)
Take a tin of peas, cut a hole in the ice.
When the Penguin comes up for a pea, kick it in the icehole!

I'll get my coat...


I've heard that polar bears are endangered, so I'm sending a super cute breeding pair to the South Pole to assist with bio-diversity. That should even things up.

Climate Scientists make up scare stories to get money.
Tecnologically challenged politicians believed the scare stories and sent money.
It looks like the voters are beginning to realize that the scare stories have been made up.

A simple equation, with inputs of only sunspot number and carbon dioxide level, calculates the average global temperature trends since 1895 with 88% accuracy. See the equation, an eye-opening graph of the results and how they are derived in the pdfs at http://climaterealists.com/index.php?tid=145&linkbox=true (see especially the pdfs made public on 4/10/10 and 6/27/10). The future average global temperature trend that this equation calculates is down.

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