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Yoof is Green

Old people blocking wind power for future generations - IPB Communications

Following news that councils are rejecting two thirds of wind farms applications, independent research has highlighted a huge divide in opinions between old and young on the developments - with concerns over spoiled views so far winning over planning committees rather than protecting the environment for future generations. Spoilt views and increases in noise were the main concerns of those who said they oppose wind farms.
...Nobody under the age of 24 said they would oppose a wind farm in their area.
John Quinton-Barber from IPB Communications said: "Younger people are clearly in favour of building wind farms for green energy - but they are not getting their message across.
"It is these generations, and their children, who are going to have to live with the long-term consequences of climate changes, so it is vital they stand up and have their say now.
"At the moment the statistics don't add up. The opinions of older people seem to be taking priority when it comes to decision making. The silent majority need to find their voice and take their views to councillors when it comes to renewable energy."

Those bastard old people, what do they know about the world compared to the kidz?
Green doesn't mean inexperienced for nuffink does it?


easily explained,

the oldies studied proper science at school.

Oldies also know where the money for the wind farms will come from.

This person who claims to speak for the silent majority - you could equally make the case that the silent majority is *for* conventional energy and that only a vocal minority of soap dodging seek to prevent it.

What about the thousands of dead birds? What about the fact that a conventional powered electrical generation facility has to be in place to back up any wind generation simply because the wind is unpredictable and undependable? Is anyone concerned that wind power costs from 8-20 times more then conventionally generated electricity? How about the fact that Wind power uses about 200 times more land to generate power then conventional? Maybe it's the fact that none of the large wind power facilities built recently have been able to produce even 50% of the power they claimed that they could? Could it be older people aren't as naive as younger people?

I would say that "wouldn't oppose" does not mean will support. And of those who do support most are irrelevant as they probably don't own property in the area.

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