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Bright Idea on Global Warming

Crops that reflect sunlight could offset global warming, scientists claim - Telegraph

A global climate computer simulation was used to assess the potential for planting crops with high reflectivity.
The study found that a 20 per cent increase in crop albedo could provide Europe with an average summertime cooling of more than 1 per cent.
This was a fifth of the change needed to offset a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in the next century.
Under a more moderate global warming scenario, the method could offset up to half of the predicted summer warming over Europe.

Call me a simple old son of the soil but I thought we wanted less reflectivity in our crops so they absorbed more of that lovely sunlight and turned that nasty CO2 into yummy food and fuel...


There you go with that physics and logic again. You are one of these truth fascists. Why can't you just believe?

Do these dolts not realise that a one percent cooling represents nearly 3 Celcius? Let us take 20 degrees C as an example. 20 degrees C = 293K. 293 x 0.99 = 17.1 degrees C.

Not fair to use facts and logic!

No, that's no good. If you eat the crops you just end up exhaling the same amount of CO2 that they sucked out of the atmosphere. You need to bury them under the ground or something.

Crop albedo? Jesus Christ. Does no-one remember 'Daisy World' from Martin Gardner's maths puzzles from Scientific American decades ago? If you plugged the equations into a little computer program and ran it over a range of reflectivities, lo and behold you obtained the standard logistic map which is emblematic of chaos theory. We were quite pleased as first year physics undergrads that it took us about five minutes to code during a tea-break, and on a BBC-B 8-bit micro in BASIC, to boot. And now we have the green nutters using a toy as part of their demented programme. Pathetic.

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