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Shooting Guardian Journalist


What a pantload of performance anxiety and cliche. "Bond over high caliber weaponry." "I'm not sure why anybody would actually choose to do this for fun." Eyebrows raising up and down like mad.
But good for him, I think he got something out of it.

Love the idea that 5.56 is high-calibre.

What would he do if they gave him an M82 or AW50 to play with?

What's it like to fire a gun? You pull the trigger, it goes bang. End of story.

Christ. Stupid fucking Leftist nancy boys. Disgraceful. And yes, the idea that 5.56 × 45 (AKA Rem. .223) is a large calibre weapon shows what an arse he is. It's a poodle-shooting cartridge, as our troops found to their disadvantage when shooting Skinnies in the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993. Of course, putting an M-16 round through some Islamofascist jackanapes would kill him deader than mackerel, but quite possibly not before he was able to return (possibly effective) fire. Meanwhile good old 7.62 × 51 (which is Win. .308 mutatis mutandis) being a true battle rifle cartridge, is just what you need to put a cheeky jundie on his back. No wonder we're equipping SOCOM in Afghanistan with the very tasty-looking FN SCAR-H, so as to overtop the longer effective range of the enemy's 7.62 × 39 AK ammo. It's a 72-virgin conversion kit.

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