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Sifting Sands

'Worst storms for years' sweep in - Scotsman.com News

Winds reached Force 11 – over 65mph – in South Uist on Sunday night and caused the temporary closure of roads andfurther flooding to low-lying areas of the already endangered island.
The causeway that connects South Uist to Eriskay was closed for two hours on Sunday evening as high tides and strong winds made it unsafe to cross.
As the weather raged, a public meeting about the impact on the island of coastal erosion and climate change was taking place in Daliburgh.
On Saturday, a project began to reinforce the dune system that protects the island from the Atlantic. Local people and Oxfam Scotland intend using redundant fishing nets to anchor the dunes on a five-mile stretch until marram grass can take hold and counter rising sea levels – which some fear may actually split the island in two.

I love his "so we are told" at 1:05, almost as though he doesn't believe the money men....

Who would think that exposed sand dunes erode and change, it has never happened before....


What a load of nonsense.

Of course, a Force 11 wind is something to be reckoned with.

But I can promise you, as a regular listener to the Inshore Waters forecast and the Shipping Forecast, that Force 11 ("Violent Storm 11" - to give it its proper name) happens in that area once or twice every winter.

As usual, it's within the natural variation and nothing to do with Gorbal Worming.

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