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The Englishman's Law of Art

BBC News - Image of teenage girl hunting wins photography prize
A picture of a teenager from Alabama on her first hunting trip to South Africa has won this year's Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize
The £12,000 award was presented to photographer David Chancellor for his portrait, entitled Huntress with Buck.


Now that is art, I don't know much about pictures but it seems the Traditional Law of Art is that a decent one has a bit of landscape, pretty girl, horses, hounds or dogs and probably a dead animal in it.
I know all the ones I have do.


That's a blesbok she's got there. They taste great!

Couldn't agree more. Beautiful pic.

The only thing missing is a pickup truck and a train.

No surprise about what is on the menu! A lovely photo showing a young lady growing up on the frontier.

What's missing is the usual pose with a rifle. I like the difference, it suggests maybe she ran it down and speared it from horseback - but then you'd have the spear...

pity that she has´nt her rifle slung over her shoulder or across her back, but that would be way too scawwry, bring on the end times...

One for Kim, I'd think.

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